Welcome on the website of PhD United!

Why PhD United?

Current PhD students feel that there is a lack of communication between PhD students outside their lab (both national and international students).
At our medical campus, a high diversity of doctorates can be achieved (Medical sciences, Pharmaceutical sciences, Human ecology, Health sciences, etc.); which makes our campus rather differentiated. With PhD United, we would like to make the difference!

What is PhD United?

PhD United is a group of PhD students at the VUB (medical campus), who will organize both academic and social activities to get all researchers (PhD and Postdocs) closer together.
PhD United would like to give new PhD students and Postdocs a 'welcome home' feeling at our campus. Moreover, we would like to offer a platform where networking can start at campus level.
The ultimate goal of PhD United is to make the life as a PhD student easier, no matter whether it comes to working environment or social life!